My name is Mike Zorn.

  • I have been creating software for over 15 years.
  • I have been an active member in the Buffalo startup community since 2012.
  • I can be found working from couch, or from one of the local coffee shops.
  • I enjoy listening to punk, ska, indie, metal, and many OSTs.


I have a wide range of experience using many different stacks.


I have spent the majority of my career working with a large variety of front end technologies. My main focuses have been on web and iOS. Here are my recent experiences:

  • WEB:
    • Standard - HTML, CSS, JS (es5 and es6 - Vanilla or TypeScript)
    • Layout - Bootstrap, Material, Vanilla
    • FX - Angular, Vue, React, Backbone
    • Preprocessors - Sass, Less
    • Build Tools - Webpack, Grunt, Gulp
    • Favorite JS Plugins - _ and $
    • Native (iOS) - Swift, objC
    • JS (iOS + Android) - Nativescript, Nativescript-Vue, React Native, Titanium


I have a large breadth of experience using modern backend technologies. I am proficent in python (django), java, .net, php, and nodeJS. I also have a lot of experience using PG, mySQL, MSSQL, and sqlite.


I am always considering testing when designing software. I believe that it is important to structure code such that it can be properly tested. I am very familiar with writing tests in a variety of different languages including python, c#, swift, JS, and java. I am a fan of unit tests and integration tests. UI tests have their place, but i do not believe they should be relied on heavily. I also believe all third party dependencies should be mocked or left untested.


I do not claim to be an expert, but i know enough to get by if there is a lack of neckbeard. I am very familiar with configuring Docker with nginx or apache as well as using AWS (with sites in EC2 or S3+CF), Heroku, and Azure. In the past I have also maintained many websites using IIS on physical hardware.


I am fully capable of creating layouts or converting designs to code as needed. I have a good sense for proper UX but if you are looking for an expert, check out this guy. He owns a boat.



  • I was able to succesfully deploy a custom FFXI server using AWS. It is amazingly fun to have full control of this vast world. I was able to kill Bahamut in one hit, guys. The reminiscence is real.
  • Poker - I have always been a fan of holdem. In 2007 my OPR rating on PokerStars was 99.52%. I am still depressed about NY banning online poker.
  • I am always looking for small projects or ideas to hack on as an excuse to learn something new.
  • In my spare time I have been playing around with game dev. Totally amateurish, but it is fun.
  • Sudoku. Brain training.


Over the past 10 years I have helped many companies in different stages ranging from inception to 300+ employees.

ACV Auctions (2014 - Current)

ACV Auctions provides a mobile app and web platform that allows car dealers to quickly buy and sell wholesale vehicles through live auctions from the comfort of their own dealership. In the past couple of years ACV has grown from 0 full time employees to just over 300.

In the past couple of years ACV has grown from 0 full time employees to just over 300. I have been working with them since the prototyping phase. At first, I was responsible for implementing the initial Titanium mobile app prototype which was successfully used to secure funding for the company. Since then, I have built a native iOS app in Swift and web applications in Angular and Vue. I was also responsible for adding to and maintaing back end features of the python API.

The Lumber Exchange, Inc. (2017 - Current)

The Lumber Exchange is an exclusive marketplace for purchasing US hardwood lumber and logs.

As Co-Founder and Technical Lead for this start-up i have been in charge of the tech. We have an Angular front end, Java back end, and Nativescript-Vue mobile apps.

AireXpert (2018 - Current)

AireXpert bridges the gap between our tech ops facilities and aircraft maintenance support.

I was able to assist this up and coming company by recreating their iOS prototype in Nativescript-Vue which also deploys to Android.

BillZip (2018 - Current)

Billzip provides an efficient and convenient payment method for rent so tenants can pay bills easily and on time, while landlords can reduce turnover rate and increase cash flow.

As a founding member of this team, I have been very involved with the product. I have also created the Angular front-end, as well as helped with the .net core backend and aws infrastructure.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2014 - 2015)

HMH is a global leader in Pre K-12 educational content and services, combining digital innovation and research to make learning more engaging and effective.

For this giant company, I had the pleasure of creating the Angular UI for their Go Math! Academy product.

Magic Penny Early Literacy (2015 - Current)

Magic Penny Early Literacy is one of the leading educational publishers in the United States specializing in early literacy.

I have been helping MP service and support their entire infrastructure. I have also helped them by rewriting their legacy flash applications using Angular + Java.

Doolli, Inc. (2012 - 2016)

Doolli was a user friendly database application platform for building, publishing and deploying database applications at a fraction of the time and cost you spend now. This was one of the larger start-ups in Buffalo at the time, securing over $15m in funding. Unfortunately, the founder decided not to continue the project.

As one of the first engineers working at this company I was responsible for the php web application as well as the iOS and Android applications.

Hire Empire, Inc. (2012)

Hire Empire was a website that featured information on the job market, employment, and recruitment, and that provides users with information concerning employment opportunities, potential employers, and job applicants. This company was meant to replace traditional recruiting but unfortunately it was canceled before going live.

I was the second engineer hired to work on to this project. I was responsible for the c# .net API + Website.

Tattwhoo (2013 - 2016)

Tattwhoo is all about sharing the story associated to your tattoo.

I was able to help these guys build their ios and android mobile apps as well as the PHP back end and Angular front end.

Emogi (2016 - 2017)

Emogi is a conversational content platform in messaging that intelligently integrates emoji, stickers, and GIFs to enrich conversations.

I assisted on development of an iOS app, iOS Message Extension, and Angualar website. I also acted as a mentor for this early stage company.

Heads Up Display, Inc (2014)

Heads Up Display, Inc keeps industry safely communicating with the Heads Up Safe real-time wearable IIoT industrial hygiene platform.

For this company, I created an iOS Prototype app which communicates with a bluetooh wearable. This initial proof of concept helped this company gain entry into z80 which allowed them to grow.